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“KababchiGrill provides Middle Eastern food with an emphasis on Iraqi flavor. Due to the unique geographical location of Iraq our food has Arabic, Turkish, and Persian influence. Come in and experience the Middle East today.”

Kababchi – Master of the Grilled Kabab

The concept of Kababchi Grill stems from the Arabic word – Kababchi meaning the master of grilled kabab.  We prepare a variety of kababs all grilled to perfection the Iraqi way:

  • Fresh ground beef kabab
  • Cubed beef tikka
  • Ground chicken kabab
  • Cubed chicken tikka
  • Whole chicken
  • Lamb chops
  • Whole fish

In addition to our grilled meats, we offer a variety of salads and appetizer dips that are Middle Eastern but are uniquely Iraqi in technique and taste. We also offer hot Iraqi tea (Iraqi Chai), which is black tea steeped in cardamom and Iraqi coconut fudge (Halawa Dihiniyya).